Let’s get Ready for POOL SEASON

Well I know it’s cold and flurries are falling but swim season is just around the corner.  I know that’s a far thought from most everyone’s mind, but it’s something we need to consider.

If the days turn warm all at once some of us could be in trouble with algi.  You come in from work headed to a ball game or kids function at school, look out at the pool and notice that it clear. Two days later you notice your pool has a slight tint to it.  One to Three days later and Boom it’s a disaster, can’t even see the shallow end. Trust me that’s how quick it can happen.

With all the rain we have had over the winter our pool chemicals from fall shutdown have been diluted and are varnable to being over ridden.  Now is the time to get your water tested and balanced so your pool season will be enjoyable and your water will be crystal clear.    Thus saving you money in the long run.

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