Why Post TO A Blog

Posting to a blog is a way to link with other people and basically write whats on your mind at that moment. People go to the blog, read and comment. This gets a dialog started and sometimes creates new friends, or maybe solves a problem, teaches us things we never thought about.

What do people blog about? ANYTHING!!!  You can find a blog on just about anything. Some are built to draw website traffic, others to brainstorm ideas around, Some to make people aware of a cause dear to their hearts. People have used as a dairy type story, to get their followers to see what is going on in their lives, as sometimes their lives are coming to an end.

As you can see, blogging is basically what ever you feel you need to get off your chest that day. Whether your blog is job, life, at the spur of a moment, or simply a heart felt writing there are people who will read and respond.

Whether you agree or disagree do not be afraid to comment. This is all part of blogging. Comments get the dialog started and others stepping out of their comfort zones to be heard. Each person has a voice and freedom of speech. Let yourself be heard


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