Mind of an 8 year old

Well today I take my 8 year old son to get his first cavity filled. He has always been at ease going in for regular cleanings but the idea of having a shot is really weighing on his mind.
The day he found out he had a cavity he told the dentist he was not getting a shot. The dentist explained to him the process and we all thought he was at ease. He did well till we got 10 feet from the car and had a meltdown.
The next day came and we had a miracle happen. He goes into the bathroom and brushes and flosses his teeth without being drug in there or forced to do it. About 3 days later after I told him how proud of him I was about the teeth deal he said maybe that the cavity would go away and he would not need the shot. Time for another talk.
I guess it was the 4th day he comes home and tells me he has interviewed a few of his classmates to see who has had a shot. The interview went well so I am in the car rider line as I write, waiting to pick him up and face the dentist. The Mind Of A Child

UPDATE:  One very nervous 8 yr. old with a tear in each eye waited patiently for his shot only to ask if he had already had the shot after the dentist had played around in his mouth for a few moments, to which the dentist replied yep. Now I have an 8 yr. old who says there is nothing to it. Says he does not dread the December 1st visit coming up. LOL

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