Why Post TO A Blog

Posting to a blog is a way to link with other people and basically write whats on your mind at that moment. People go to the blog, read and comment. This gets a dialog started and sometimes creates new friends, or maybe solves a problem, teaches us things we never thought about.

What do people blog about? ANYTHING!!!  You can find a blog on just about anything. Some are built to draw website traffic, others to brainstorm ideas around, Some to make people aware of a cause dear to their hearts. People have used as a dairy type story, to get their followers to see what is going on in their lives, as sometimes their lives are coming to an end.

As you can see, blogging is basically what ever you feel you need to get off your chest that day. Whether your blog is job, life, at the spur of a moment, or simply a heart felt writing there are people who will read and respond.

Whether you agree or disagree do not be afraid to comment. This is all part of blogging. Comments get the dialog started and others stepping out of their comfort zones to be heard. Each person has a voice and freedom of speech. Let yourself be heard


Freeze Protection

With advancing cold weather you need to be thinking of ways to protect your pool from freeze damage.
Some homeowners choose to let their system run 24/7, others use freeze guard, and some winterize.
While running 24/7 is effective, it burns electricity. You can place a timer with freeze guard on any system. Freeze guard is basically a thermostat, where you set a desired temperature ,to turn your system on if that temperature is reached.

Another way is to totally shut the system down and drain all motors and filter. An important item to remember is timers. If your system has a timer, it must be turned off if draining, to prevent system from turning on and running dry.

Call NEGA Pools and Spas to set up which would be the best or more desirable method for youContinue reading

Mind of an 8 year old

Well today I take my 8 year old son to get his first cavity filled. He has always been at ease going in for regular cleanings but the idea of having a shot is really weighing on his mind.
The day he found out he had a cavity he told the dentist he was not getting a shot. The dentist explained to him the process and we all thought he was at ease. He did well till we got 10 feet from the car and had a meltdown.
The next day came and we had a miracle happen. He goes into the bathroom and brushes and flosses his teeth without being drug in there or forced to do it. About 3 days later after I told him how proud of him I was about the teeth deal he said maybe that the cavity would go away and he would not need the shot. Time for another talk.
I guess it was the 4th day he comes home and tells me he has interviewed a few of his classmates to see who has had a shot. The interview went well so I am in the car rider line as I write, waiting to pick him up and face the dentist. The Mind Of A Child

UPDATE:  One very nervous 8 yr. old with a tear in each eye waited patiently for his shot only to ask if he had already had the shot after the dentist had played around in his mouth for a few moments, to which the dentist replied yep. Now I have an 8 yr. old who says there is nothing to it. Says he does not dread the December 1st visit coming up. LOL


With all the wet weather as of late, it has gotten all outdoor activities slowed to a crawl. James and crew sat down and brain stormed a way to counteract the weather. They are in the process of building a portable tent, capable of covering the entire water area of the pool. This should solve the problem with rain after a deck is poured. After the deck is poured is generally when the liner is placed in the pool, but as of late, the final process has really slowed down because drying time and frequency of storms. We think this idea should aid in the future and get the ball rolling once again.

Family Time

Getting together as a family is a struggle these days. Seems as if the kids are running in different directions, dad with one, mom with the other.  One thing that is nice about owning a pool is it seems that it is a central area for your kids and their  friends.   As kids get older they seem to be to cool for mom and dad, or at least think they are. They forget the fact that we were there at one point in our lives.  The one thing I have noticed as a pool owner, it seems as if these (kid ideas about parents) have vanished. They actually want the parents to join them. So I guess hanging out with mom and dad at the pool is a cool thing.

How to plan for the pool of your dreams

A pool is a huge investment. Time and consideration should play an important part in the decision making just as you do when choosing your dream home.
Sit down with James at NEGA Pools and Spas to determine what size, shape and extras will fit your budget