Which time of year should I build a pool

When is a good time to build a pool? Its really up to the homeowner.¬† If you build in the spring the waiting list may be longer but weather delays are not as bad. Thinking about winter, well that”s fine also. There are pros and cons to both sides.

Building a pool in the late fall or early winter is a great time. Once completed you have all winter to landscape and build a pool house if so desired. It gives your landscape that good start for its root system from winter moisture.

Building late winter gets you a good start for a spring project (meaning landscaping around pool). The only down fall is the weather in the dead of winter or late winter. Drying time is considerably longer should bad weather hit.

Spring or Summer. Well this is also good, but you will probably be on an extended waiting list. Pools can be built faster because of weather and drying time, with longer daylight hours also aiding, by allowing longer work days for the crew.

So in a nut shell, it is really up to the homeowner as to what they want and have in mind.

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